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We aim to create a top quality, free-to-use sports facility for the Henley Community.

we'd like something like this...


*please note this skatepark visualisation is for reference only, it is not in any way an indication of a proposed size or design for any proposed facility in Henley. thanks.

...this is what we currently have.

Want to read our feasibility report to the Town Council? Download the PDF here.


"We have listened to all the Henley residents when considering our proposals and have fully addressed any points raised. We have generated fantastic levels of support from users, potential users, non-users, parents, local schools, local charities and groups and local businesses.

By not building a new skatepark, we would be ignoring the majority of the residents in our town."

We are now actively seeking funding, grants, sponsorship and donations. In order to achieve this, we need your help. Even a small donation will help us make this project become a reality.

Henley Skatepark Initiative working with the Henley Youth Centre, part of Thamesfield Youth Association, a registered charity in England and Wales (no 304315).

Bank Account Number 1569 9668. Sort Code 30-80-54


John Howell - our Member of Parliament for Henley, supports Henley Skatepark.

At the Council Q&A on 22.09.11 at the Town Hall, he said that an upgraded skatepark in Henley would "contribute to the life of the town" and that he values such a facility. Mr Howell quoted from a Police report provided, at his request, by Thame Police on their experiences with their skatepark, "It is a useful asset that helps occupy Thame Youth." He also added that Thame Police have no concerns regarding anti-social behaviour and that Thame Town Council have no issues or complaints. Mr Howell kindly provided us with a copy of the Police report.

contact us - info@henleyskatepark.org. Henley-on-Thames. Oxfordshire.